Telecommunication Products Designed For Young Families

The Client

LOOP is a telecommunication company that predominantly provides products and services designed for families.

The Design

The core values of the brand are communication and connection, therefore the brand name 'LOOP' is chosen. LOOP believes it is important for families to reach out to each other, either by starting a phone call or sending a 'are you ok' text.

The graphic style aims to create a fun and light-hearted feelings to reach out to millennial parents. The logo moves dynamically to represent flexibility and  communication.

*concept project designed at Shillington College

Loop Telecommunications

AGDA Student Finalist
LOOP branding posters
dynamic logo
LOOP logo designLOOP branding designLOOP illustration
delivery box
LOOP mailbox design (outside)
delivery box (inside)
LOOP mailbox design (inside)
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